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Today people are influenced by social, economic, technological, ideological, and political changes, which turn people’s lives into a continuous debauchery characterized by impulsivity, immediacy, and a low tolerance for frustration, having produced a certain abandonment of the family and traditions. All these changes condition our interpersonal relationships, with high instability, fear of changes, lack of empathy, great conflict, and deterioration of these relationships, therefore, the current social message for the individual is “I can do everything”, an idea consonant with this stage the “Individualization”.

From Systems Thinking, individual psychotherapy includes not only the approach to the subject’s problems, but also the exploration of significant relationships with their environment, allowing the individual to be seen as a proactive being who influences with his actions in his environment and in himself, at the same time, is influenced by said environment in a spiral of interactions.

All meaningful relationships can be part of the problem and the solution.

Hart Therapy links in its Individual Systemic Psychotherapy the individual and the significant environment in the same block, allowing understanding and intervention in what happens in each part and in the belongings that the person has or develops, connecting them to each other, and in this way, the effectiveness in the treatments is increased.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Given the condition that the human being is a biological, psychological, cultural, family and relational being, Individual Systemic Therapy will respond to each of these variables in an integrated way.
  • It addresses both family, couple, friends and other problems related to the most significant environment and individual intrapsychic problems (self-esteem, insecurities, complexes, fears, phobias, anxiety, depression, identity problems, among others).
  • Invite significant individuals to Therapy in order to clarify or repair traumatic interpersonal relationships that have occurred in the present or past with the person's agreement or consent.
  • It uses specific strategies and techniques, in order to achieve a proactive therapy and not only narrative.
  • Geographical distance from family members or partners.
  • Refusal of the family to participate in therapy.
  • Death of one or both parents.
  • Geographical displacement by work, study or migration.
  • Need for individuation of the family of origin.
  • Clarify doubts regarding the continuity of the couple's relationship.
  • Know what strategy to follow to separate or divorce.
  • Advice from the couple, parents or friends to modify their "Character".
  • People with basic emotional deficiencies of their parents.
  • People with severe psychiatric problems.
  • "Lost case" that he consults because the family does not want to live with them.
  • Family members who cannot attend due to scheduling issues.
  • Individual issues that you do not want to address with the couple or family.
  • Need for self-knowledge, working with insecurities, self-esteem problems, personal growth, among others.

Since the individual is a biological, psychological, family, relational and cultural being, it is impossible to understand his behavior without addressing these different areas and the complexity of their relationships as a whole.

Individual Systemic Therapy is an effective model of intervention within Systemic Therapy that stands out for including all aspects of the individual's individual sphere such as those that are connected with their significant interpersonal relationships, unlike other models that only address the problems of the individual in an intrapsychic or behavioral way, arbitrarily disregarding the relational part that is central to the life of the individual.


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You were the last push I needed to start from scratch and start believing in myself. Thank you, Shirin.


I had my doubts about which psychological model to choose. Given my discomfort I decided on the systemic model and the psychotherapists of Hart Therapy and yes, I was right. I already thought I was going to go crazy. Luckily I found this Family Therapy in LA.


I had no illusion for anything or anyone, for me happiness did not exist, everything was problems. A year ago, I met Carmen and it changed my life.


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