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At Hart Therapy in Los Angeles, we specialize in couples therapy that empowers individuals and couples to navigate the challenges of life, love, and relationships. Our dedicated team of experienced therapists is here to guide you on a transformative journey towards deeper intimacy and lasting harmony. Discover the path to renewed love and connection today with couples therapy Los Angeles.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic and complimentary treatments for mental health challenges are backed by science and can significantly enhance and improve how patients feel and live.


Online therapy helps me understand clients in some ways more deeply and we can get past certain walls and defenses quicker. This means we can get to the heart of the matter faster.




A Modern Holistic Psychotherapy Approach

“I’m a psychotherapist, Licensed Los Angeles Marriage Counselor and Family Therapist. I was classically trained as a Jungian psychotherapist. My mission has been to find the secrets to having joy, fulfillment, confidence, and peace internally, in families, and in communities. I have studied with and learned from the world’s top psychotherapists, integrative doctors, neuroscientists, life coaches, and mindfulness experts. I have benefited from all the knowledge, wisdom, and techniques they have shared with me and, I have combined them in my own unique way so that I can share what really works with you. So you can win at your goals. And when people win and our families win, so do our communities. And that to me is what it’s all about.”

Shirin Hart -

Individuals and couples in Los Angeles are discovering a renewed sense of hope as they embark on a journey to truly comprehend and enhance their mental health and relationships. Through couples therapy Los Angeles, they gain valuable tools to cultivate happiness, intimacy, and peace, which they can not only cherish for a lifetime but also extend to enrich the lives of those around them. This process leads to the creation of increased peace, harmony, and profound intimacy within relationships, families, and communities.


What Makes the Hart Method Different?

We utilize established methodologies to assist couples and individuals in revitalizing and fortifying their relationships, all while fostering mental well-being. If you’re seeking couples therapy in Los Angeles, we’re here to support you.



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Meet Our Devoted Clinicians

Hart Therapy is made up of a team of clinicians, who are professional Los Angeles marriage counselor therapists who not only take pleasure in their practice but also handle every case with a non-judgmental approach.

Jane Marshall

Sr. Psychologist

Jane Marshall

Sr. Psychologist

Jane Marshall

Sr. Psychologist

Jane Marshall

Sr. Psychologist


Our Happy Clients

Good professional who answers everything and explains everything very well. I've managed to love myself more and not doubt all my decisions so much and I care less about what people think of me. I act and I am willing to meet the goals I want for this year and the next

John Hamilton Art Director

Given other experiences, I stay with Shirin Hart. She has given me a clear vision of my reality and her advice has helped me to recover my relationship that was fatal and about to end. You can talk about everything and express yourself. I have received a lot from her.

June Humphries Musician

Shirin Hart had been recommended to me but first I wanted to meet her so the first informative visit gave me a clear idea that she could help me. In the past I contacted several professionals who did not connect with me or I with them but with this psychologist everything is easy because of her closeness and her sympathy that I think also counts. Without hesitation, she is highly recommended.

Kate Sharons Teacher
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